When your son or daughter shows an interest in automobile, a parent’s heart skips a beat. This is because one of the leading causes of road traffic deaths are motorcyclist. “National Teen Driving Statistics” showed that teens aged 14 to 18 years old are three-time more likely to be involved in serious road accidents that could lead to paralysis or even death. The possibility of parents losing their children and the immaturity of teenagers are the main reasons why youngsters should not be allowed to drive a ride a motorcycle.

First and foremost, when youngsters or adolescents get their driving licenses, parents will not be able to guide them being a good driver on the road. Most of these children are in high school or in college who seeks for freedom in their daily lives. They will have the feeling of being independent and free. This results in more confidence than is warranted. When children at the age of 15 to 18, they do not have enough experience in life and without their parents guidance, these young people can easily go to the wrong directions. There are many cases of teenagers who go out to meet their friends without their parents knowledge. This leads them to mingle around group of peers who misuse alcohol and even worse drug addicts.

Second, youngsters generally are not good drivers or riders because they tend to be childish and less mature. A research shows that, inexperienced teenagers are usually more easy to be distracted than other drivers and they lack the experience to react towards dangers and hazards on the road. Moreover, youngsters are known to be adventurous as their young spirit tend to show off their “coolness” when they sit behind the wheels or their flashy stickered motorcycle and drive or ride motorcycle recklessly, ignoring the safety of themselves and other road users.

But, every problem has a solution. Youngsters can be allowed to drive or ride motorcycle if they take a few precautions in order to decrease the risk of oneself involve in an accident.

First, as they say; speed thrills and kills. Youngsters should keep a rein on speeding, so that one can control their vehicle better. Furthermore, by reducing speed in narrow roads, school, hilly areas and housing area, youngsters would have more reaction time to react towards any danger such as children crossing, etc.

Second, wear seat belts as it could reduce the risk of death in car accidents by up to 75%. For motorcyclist, always wear a helmet whenever you ride a motorcycle, even when you are going to a nearby grocery store. Motorcyclist are at an even higher risk involved in a road crash because of the lack of protective and safety measure of the vehicle.

Last but not least, the government should enforce stricter laws for teenage drivers. More training hours should be applied to teenagers who are taking their driving license. If possible, test these young drivers to drive on the road and obey the traffic rules and road signs. Testers of the driving institute should be honest in evaluating teens whether they are ready to face the real world.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why youngsters should not be allowed to drive or ride motorcycle because teenagers are biologically programmed to take more risk and adventurous than older aged people. Statistics shows that teenagers are more likely to die and those accidents could not only kill those teenagers, but also the lives of innocent civilians. The government should think about the huge risk of giving youngsters license to drive. So, in your opinion, should they be allowed?



    1. Yeah, its kinda concerns me nowadays when watching these reckless teens driving on the road. By the way, thanks for leaving a like on my first ever article. Kinda new to these things. Maybe you could give me some pointers maybe?

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